Paoay Church of Paoay, Ilocos Norte

Been to this church? Paoay? This is in Paoay Ilocos Norte? This Church is so Beautiful, very nice Structure. The church was Constructed started in 1704 and was completed in 1894 by the Augustinian friars led by Fr. Antonio Estavillo. This church is included in the Unesco World Heritage list.

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this is one of my favorite church in the country with regards the architecture. The style of the church has been dubbed “Earthquake Baroque” by Alicia Coseteng, one of the early authorities on colonial church architecture. The wall buttresses extend out considerably from the exterior walls, the entire visual experience becomes three-dimensional, unlike most of the churches in the country where the inherent beauty of the church is limited only at the facade. this pics is unmistakeably paoay church. the color are magnificent. the angle is perfect.

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