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San Pedro Laguna’s Sampaguita Festival is a week long festival which includes various activities ranging from cultural to sports, trade fairs, amateur singing contest, parades, historical exhibits, social & religious gatherings, tribal dance & sports exhibitions.

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Sampaguita Festival 2011 San Pedro, Laguna

The Festival of Sampaguita, a very well known in San Pedro in province of Laguna.

See school children dance on the streets of San Pedro, Laguna as they march to the end point of the Municipal Hall where they compete the last dance competition.

Nature Places

Nagcarlan and Its Nature

Last February 10 2010, we were invited to a very special event in Nagcarlan Laguna and yes! one of our side trip is to take pictures of the place known for it.

Nagcarlan is a town in Laguna that is known for the Underground Cemetery and beautiful clean water streams that flows from Mt. Banahaw.