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Nagcarlan and Its Nature

Last February 10 2010, we were invited to a very special event in Nagcarlan Laguna and yes! one of our side trip is to take pictures of the place known for it.

Nagcarlan is a town in Laguna that is known for the Underground Cemetery and beautiful clean water streams that flows from Mt. Banahaw.


The Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

This is the entrance to the underground cemetery in Nagcarlan, Laguna. A historical site for it has played its part during the meetings of the Katipunan during the Spanish times.

The photo is a composite of two images taken at slightly different angles to produce a 3D cross-eye photo.

To fully appreciate the image, just cross your eyes and slowly merge your vision to produce a blended three-dimensional image in the middle. Remember those “Magic Eye Puzzles”? That’s how you do it.

If you’re having a difficult time seeing it, just leave a comment and I’ll give you more tips on how to see this 3D photo.